A Belated Happy New Year 2009

My New Year Revolutions didn’t really get made this year, but I have some ideas in my head about numbers that I’d like to hit this year, including 100hrs of LibriVox recordings, something about posts, something about podcasts, something about blog posts. I’m signed up to the One-Book-a-Week challenge again, but knowing the pace I… Read more »

Declined and Fallen! LibriVox reaches 2,000 releases!

All six volumes of Edward Gibbon’s History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire have been recorded, in full, and are now available for free through LibriVox. I’ve made a contribution to each volume, and in Volume 6, I even got to read the first section, all about the Crusades and Richard the… Read more »

Podcast count (and new release)

The second of the December Madness LV community podcasts is out … petit and bijou at 13min 30sec, I didn’t get as much content as I’d hoped for, but it means I can do some New Release promotions and play a few bloopers (including a silly one of my own from Gibbon’s Decline & Fall.)… Read more »

December madness = community podcasts galore

I do like a challenge. Like, apparently, a podcast a week for LibriVox between now and Christmas. I have a plan, and the first one went well … so I’m hoping the content rolls in for the others just as easily. And that I manage to find hours in the day for the edits and… Read more »

Wanted – 7 Fearless Engineers! and yet more intrepid listeners!

This posted a little while ago, but forgive me, I’m just catching up! Wanted – 7 Fearless Engineers! by Warner Van Lorne (a pseudonym of F. Orlin Tremaine), is a recent addition to Gutenberg, which, at about 20k words, seemed like it might fit perfectly for a LibriVox London Chapter meetup. And so the five… Read more »

Nobodies and Somebodies by Eugie Foster

Something new for me here — a non-LibriVox, fully-copyright recording. Nobodies and Somebodies is a short fantasy story recorded for the podcast at Abherrant Dreams. Free of charge, a neat story … and if you prefer reading to listening, it can also be found here.

The Wood Beyond the World – William Morris

Soooo, almost a year after I started working on it, and several months after Mandarine agreed to take on the huge task of editing this lovely-crazy book, ’tis done. The Wood Beyond the World, by William Morris, is available as a LibriVox audiobook. http://librivox.org/the-wood-beyond-the-world-by-william-morris/ (Or stream each section through the online player here: http://www.archive.org/details/woodbeyondtheworld_0810_librivox )… Read more »

6 not-so random things about me

I was tagged by LibriVox ductapeguy, Sean McGaughey, and while I’ve done my time as Meme-Servant and moved on … I thought I could spin this one on-theme, so … here goes. * The most common background noise you may hear in my recordings is that of seagulls — their piercing shrieks go straight through… Read more »

Paradise, both words and music

Euterpe Archipelago* have been putting their pick of public domain recordings to music for a while now, and my voice has popped up there now and again. Just stumbled across one that’s new-to-me … it’s an excerpt from Paradise Lost, with original music. Paradise 101 * Alternative site, with other tracks.

En français and podcast, Cthulu-style

I’ve spoken a bit of French, Latin and German within mainly English chapters, but my first beginning-to-end recording in a language other than English has just been released to the LibriVox catalogue, in Alphonse Allais’ À se tordre. I confess it’s only a *part* of the chapter, since the piece is a mini-play with four… Read more »