Wanted – 7 Fearless Engineers! and yet more intrepid listeners!

This posted a little while ago, but forgive me, I’m just catching up! Wanted – 7 Fearless Engineers! by Warner Van Lorne (a pseudonym of F. Orlin Tremaine), is a recent addition to Gutenberg, which, at about 20k words, seemed like it might fit perfectly for a LibriVox London Chapter meetup. And so the five of us duly colour-coded the names, figured out a more or less even distribution of narrating and voicing, and went for it, recording the whole thing in an afternoon. The results are rather fun, methinks, and SFFaudio liked it too.

Get the files or the feed: http://librivox.org/wanted-7-fearless-engineers-by-warner-van-lorne/

Listen to the first part (narrated by Yours Truly): [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/wanted_-_7_fearless_engineers_0810_librivox/sevenfearlessengineers_01_lorne_64kb.mp3] (16:58)

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