Life in Books: 2018

This year, I created some ‘Life in Books’ prompts of my own … without looking at my booklist to cheat, either. If you’re curious about other LibriVoxers, they’ll be answering over in the forum, and if you want to play, just post to the comments with a list or link. » 2018 was a year… Read more »

Copyright for children?

I have never even considered the question: why do children need to understand copyright? However, an article I read recently focuses on two aspects.  Firstly, earning a living from creative work, which is reasonable, if rather premature for most children.[1]  Secondly, and more puzzlingly, it reiterates the story that ‘copyright encourages creativity’. As I see… Read more »

New audiobook: The War of the Worlds

The works of H. G. Wells joined the public domain in Europe on 1st Jan this year. It seemed plain rude to let that milestone pass without my taking on something of his. The existing recordings of War of the Worlds at LibriVox were both over 10 years old, so I decided that was a… Read more »

New audiobook: The Soul of London by Ford Madox Ford

It’s been a while, but I’ve finished a new audiobook! Or, in truth, a rather patient editor finished it for me. I started recording Ford Madox Ford’s The Soul of London in 2013, after working on something rather challenging. I needed a change — something absorbing, but non-fictional — to avoid dealing with characters and… Read more »

Life in Books: 2015

Borrowing questions from Bruce the Gargoyle, here’s a summary of 2015, using only the titles of books I read in the year. All in all, I would describe last year as being: Small Victories I could have cried when: Men Explain Things To Me I would love to have some respite from: The Time Paradox… Read more »

A Whispery Christmas Carol

I know I’ve been quiet all year, and that hasn’t changed with my latest LibriVox release. Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is the second of my whispered book recordings. I don’t know that I’ll do more now … it’s harder work than regular recording and they seem to mystify as many people as they beguile. Still,… Read more »

Life in books: 2013

Borrowing a wonderful meme from Catherine, and struggling a little because I’ve not read all that much this year … The rules: Using only books you have read this year, answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. Describe yourself: Our Little English Cousin (by Blanche McManus) How do you feel: The Comfort… Read more »

Random update

This has not been much of a year for recording, I am very sad to say. I do have a book fully narrated: dear, feisty Mrs Seacole is just waiting for me to have time to edit her Wonderful Adventures (as a Creole nurse in the Crimea, amongst other things.) And there are some other… Read more »

Whispering Willows

I have awfully random ideas from time to time. Last October I was grabbed by a particularly odd one. I’d been having a little trouble sleeping and so went searching for solutions. Amongst well-meaning lectures about not drinking caffeine after noon (no, really?!) and advice about room lighting levels were some fascinating YouTube relaxation videos…. Read more »

January’s offerings: Nesbit, Doyle, Stein and Lawrence

It’s like buses, there are no projects for months (though I’m as busy as ever) and then several come along at once. Such a range of options, too. Closest to my heart is Dr. Watson’s second outing in The Sign of the Four. It’s another dramatic reading, where I read all the narration and the… Read more »