En français and podcast, Cthulu-style

I’ve spoken a bit of French, Latin and German within mainly English chapters, but my first beginning-to-end recording in a language other than English has just been released to the LibriVox catalogue, in Alphonse Allais’ À se tordre. I confess it’s only a *part* of the chapter, since the piece is a mini-play with four voices, but I’m proud anyway.

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/a_se_tordre_0808_librivox_1/asetordre_36_allais_64kb.mp3] (8:06; 3.8MB)

And one of my early recordings, a lovely E. Nesbit ghost story, is featured in this week’s Cthulu Podcast. I have a book of Nesbit’s other creepy stories, and really must get round to recording a few more of them.

So many books, so little time. It doesn’t help that I want to record nearly everything (old) I see … browsing the texts at archive.org, or the shelves at the nearest University library can be a very hazardous pastime. I currently have three official solos and a duet open, in addition to the usual collection of collaborative chapter claims. Let us not speak of the unofficial solo I somehow started yesterday. I urgently need more hours in the day!

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