Copyright for children?

I have never even considered the question: why do children need to understand copyright? However, an article I read recently focuses on two aspects.  Firstly, earning a living from creative work, which is reasonable, if rather premature for most children.[1]  Secondly, and more puzzlingly, it reiterates the story that ‘copyright encourages creativity’. As I see… Read more »

New audiobook: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

I’m a little behind on my blogging, but never mind — here is my FIRST Legamus solo completed! A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf, free in MP3 format with a total running time is just over four hours, across six files. Legamus, of course, is a parallel enterprise to LibriVox, for those readers… Read more »

Dr. Watson, I presume

So yes, The Hound of the Baskervilles has been tracked down and identified by the ever-alert Sherlock Holmes with a substantial amount of help from Yours Truly as Dr. Watson, and is available as a full cast recording by clicking to the LibriVox page via the CD cover pictured here. I found playing Dr. Watson… Read more »

Milestones: LibriVox, Dante and Austen

Last month, LibriVox hit the rather astonishing milestone of 100 million downloads at I don’t know how this compares to the Grateful Dead collection that is the other incredibly popular draw there, but for myself, I’m entirely a-boggle at the 100 million number. I’m even quoted as being shocked, although it’s true there’s no… Read more »

LibriVox and Pinterest

So, I kept bumping into mentions of Pinterest pretty much *everywhere* I went online, and signed up to have a play for myself. About two minutes later, I realised I didn’t have any ideas of what I wanted to do personally, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a pinned board full of dog memoir… Read more »

LibriVox and the Cornucopia of the Commons

Or why “Have Fun!” is the most important thing you’ll ever hear in the LibriVox fora. From a classic discussion of self-interest as applied to shared grazing-land: Therein is the tragedy. Each man is locked into a system that compels him to increase his herd without limit — in a world that is limited. Ruin… Read more »

The nitty-gritty of how I record

I just responded in the LibriVox fora to a general question about “how does everyone record and edit?” — and thought that it might be good to put that detail here, as well as some info about my technical set-up. There’s a lot to say, it turns out! For reference, I only record my voice… Read more »

Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body

LibriVox has completed an unabridged recording of Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body. It’ll take the keen student anatomist a little over 66 hours to go through once — and it only had one proof-listener through all five parts of the project, so there is at least one person in the world who’s done… Read more »

On the absence of ratings at LibriVox

There’ve been a few comments on an earlier post here, wishing that LibriVox would add a ratings system to its catalogue, so I thought I’d respond to them (and others, posted over time in the LibriVox forum). Firstly, it’s TRUE that there are some few recordings that are problematic for various reasons. Some have content… Read more »

On cataloging invisible things …

I’ve been kicking around thoughts on how best to organise the LibriVox catalogue in the future, especially when the new design is implemented. LibriVox is a collection of people who speak many languages, and who record public domain audiobooks in most of them. Currently, we organise by Category (out of Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction, Dramatic Works… Read more »