Beta listeners welcome: Pulchritude by Ana Mardoll

Experience a darker side of “The Beauty and the Beast” where, in a world of vindictive fairies and scornful magicians, not everyone will live happily ever after. Pulchritude tells the tale of Bella, a beautiful girl caught between her selfish father and an enchanted prince ready to sweep her into a dangerous romance built on deception and betrayal.

So, this is one of the secret projects I’ve been working on for a while — and now that I’ve finished the first round of recording and editing, we (that’s Ana, the author, and I) would love some ears on it before it’s released to the general public. That’s standard proof-listening in LibriVox terms.

You can link through to reviews of the book and find out more about Ana here:

If you’re interested and able to listen to a 6hr book and feedback by 1st July, create an account at the site below, and you’ll be able to download the files and questionnaire. Contact Ana at anamardoll which is a address to let her know you’re planning to listen, and with any questions, comments and your feedback.

I loved working on this book, and would really like to know what you dear random blog-readers make of it. Just watch out for the deadline, which is to allow us to rework anything necessary before the official release date.

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