December madness = community podcasts galore

I do like a challenge. Like, apparently, a podcast a week for LibriVox between now and Christmas. I have a plan, and the first one went well … so I’m hoping the content rolls in for the others just as easily. And that I manage to find hours in the day for the edits and my own recording. I’ve decided that 15-20 mins is about the ideal length, both for my patience in putting the thing together, and for me as a podcast consumer. I’m not sure I’ve listened to anything podcasty that lasted longer than 30 mins without looking at the clock at least once and wondering how much more there was.

This week’s show is about people’s favourite children’s books, and whether they’d record them for LV. Plus an advert for some current projects and a really nice rendition of a nursery rhyme to round the thing out (not me singing, obviously. I only include that when comedy is required.)

(16:37min, 7.1MB)

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