LibriVox and Pinterest

So, I kept bumping into mentions of Pinterest pretty much *everywhere* I went online, and signed up to have a play for myself. About two minutes later, I realised I didn’t have any ideas of what I wanted to do personally, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a pinned board full of dog memoir audiobooks. I mean, this is why the Internet was invented, right?

You can visit LibriVox’s Pinterest account, but if you do, you’ll see it’s pretty basic, apart from the extensive collection of dog books. I have created five boards so far and am finding the concept a fascinating way to explore our collection. To start with, I’m avoiding any boards which mirror existing genres (though it’s a close-run thing since LibriVox has ‘cookery‘ and I have ‘recipes’.) I’m keen to avoid boards with fifty pins, which just seem to me unmanageable when you’re talking about listening time. But that means my boards could be too niche! It can be quite hard to find relevant books, as I found when I created a board for female detective novels. And not all our books have pictures yet, which makes them unpinnable, although the covers team is beavering away like mad to do the lot, and are wonderfully responsive to special requests.

I’d welcome ideas for new boards, for books to include in the existing boards, and other hints on how to get the most out of Pinterest as a fine-grained way to organise the 5,200+ books available at LibriVox into little groupings that people might be interested in. And, Pinterest etiquette? Any thoughts on that? Am I even doing it ‘right’?


  • I don’t quite understand Pinterest, except that if one pins an image macro of “Y U NO Guy,” multiple re-pins somehow happen. Perhaps if the book covers feature Y U NO Guy or Philosoraptor or Lawyer Dog, things might get Pinteresting. 🙂

  • I think you’re doing okay with the etiquette thus far. What I have noticed with most “professional” Pinterest boards is a tendency towards holidays and special events. (i.e. pinning books about England during the Diamond Jubilee or Homer during the Olympics.) I might introduce these books during those times but break them into basic genres as you pin them. Hopefully this helps! Thanks again for the books! I’m devouring them. (:

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