A Whispery Christmas Carol

I know I’ve been quiet all year, and that hasn’t changed with my latest LibriVox release. Dickens’ A Christmas Carol is the second of my whispered book recordings. I don’t know that I’ll do more now … it’s harder work than regular recording and they seem to mystify as many people as they beguile. Still, they are also fun and satisfying to produce. Especially when they’re launched in good time for properly seasonal listening! Hopefully people won’t find it too creepy with all those ghosts visiting an otherwise quiet listening environment.

Listen to the first stave below, or visit the archive.org page to use their player.



  • I wasn’t so sure about your last whispered recording, I thought perhaps it would be nice for children but not for me.

    You should know Cori, that your voice is naturally as soft as a whisper, even when at full volume, so going further is not needed.

  • Cori,

    I have to agree with Ben. Your natural voice is very nice, no need to alter it at all. Thanks for your narrations.

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