A pair of Brooke’s

I’ve been eying the first for ages, though it tastes a little of “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”, it’s also got some lovely phrasing. The second I stumbled across as I was looking for the first — and despite a rather fierce rhyme in places, I like it muchly.

The Great Lover by Rupert Brooke – 5m 04s
Source: E-text
[mp3@64kbps – 2.4MB]

Dead Men’s Love by Rupert Brooke – 1m 23s
Source: E-text
[mp3@64kbps – 0.6MB]


  • I just discovered LibriVox today, and I must say that I love your work. Your voice is a pleasure to the ear and all your recordings are of a very high quality.

    I’m thinking of making some recordings myself, though after listening to a lot of literature read by people with English accents, I find my own Canadian/American accent rather dull. We’ll see…

    Anyway, keep up the great work.

  • Thankyou, Daniel! And yes, please DO join in the fun there. I think the variety of voices is a large part of what makes it such a wonderful project … it’s not a tiny selection of bland “average” national accents, but hundreds of different people recording books they enjoy.

    Plus, really, your accent won’t be dull to any listeners in Korea, Mexico, Sweden or … well … just about anywhere!

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