Water-Babies: done.

http://librivox.org/the-water-babies-by-charles-kingsley/ Seven whole hours of me.  And a minute or so of Berlioz.  Recording an entire book is quite a task … this has taken since June, but I’m happy with how it turned out — and I’ve learned a lot to apply to future recordings. It’s funny how little of the book was *in*… Read more »

Jane Austen is my freind!

I thought another project would finish first, but no — Love and Freindship by Jane Austen is my début solo at Librivox.  Clocking in at just over an hour, it still fits on an audio CD, and has some splendid Schubert to begin and end with (he was younger than Jane, but not by a long… Read more »

Death in Winesburg, Ohio

http://librivox.org/winesburg-ohio-by-sherwood-anderson/ (Chapter 23) Usually, I just read and record the chapter text.  This is the first piece I’ve spent a lot of time with beforehand, thinking about it.  Which, I think, might mean this is on the unfamiliar side of reading vs. performing, one of the common differences between LV audiobooks and other publishers’.  (As mentioned here… Read more »

A Sailor’s What?

In the Articles of War established for the government of the English Navy, in Art. 32, after providing with respect to this offence [sodomy] and other species of impurity that they “shall be punished with death” it is added without mercy. […] Of all the offences of which a man in the maritime service can be guilty,… Read more »

A pair of Brooke’s

I’ve been eying the first for ages, though it tastes a little of “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”, it’s also got some lovely phrasing. The second I stumbled across as I was looking for the first — and despite a rather fierce rhyme in places, I like it muchly. The Great Lover by… Read more »

Poems about little people

A Baby Running Barefoot, by D.H. Lawrence (1885–1930). [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/short_poetry_031/baby_running_barefoot_lawrence_cs_64kb.mp3][mp3@64kbps] – (1.1MB) E-text There was a Child went Forth, by Walt Whitman (1819–1892). [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/short_poetry_031/there_was_child_went_forth_whitman_cs_64kb.mp3] [mp3@64kbps] – (4.6MB) E-text

Damned bloudie oaths!

From a Nineteenth C. book on the life and times of Shakespeare … “The diminutive oaths, mentioned at the close of [a previous quote], were, unfortunately, considered as ornaments of conversation, and adopted by both sexes, in order to give spirit and vivacity to their language; a shocking practice, which seems to have been rendered fashionable… Read more »

Entertainment, before TV was ubiquitised

But who comes here? What is the meaning of these roars of laughter that greet the last mask who runs into the market-place? Why do all the women and children hurry together, calling up one another, and shouting with delight? What is this thing? Is it some new species of bird, thus covered with feathers… Read more »

Industrial Mastery

My main feeling at the Durbar while I watched those splendid beasts–the crowds of camels, the crowds of elephants–all being driven along by the little, faint, dreamy, sleepy-looking people was, “Why don’t their elephants turn around on them and chase them?”I kept thinking at first that they would, almost any minute. Our elephants chase us–most… Read more »

Thank Heaven for little girls!

On one of these occasions, when Johnny [Gillat] was engaged in making peace between two little girls—little girls were his specialty—the rector met him and it was then it occurred to him that Mr. Gillat might help in the school. It was not much of an honour, the school was in rather a bad way… Read more »