En français and podcast, Cthulu-style

I’ve spoken a bit of French, Latin and German within mainly English chapters, but my first beginning-to-end recording in a language other than English has just been released to the LibriVox catalogue, in Alphonse Allais’ À se tordre. I confess it’s only a *part* of the chapter, since the piece is a mini-play with four… Read more »

JS Mill – The Subjection of Women

It’s been quiet on the cataloguing front in the last few weeks … I eased back on the editing I was doing, having acquired (happily-intermittant!) tendinitis in my mousing arm, which is little better with a trackball and heaps of anti-inflamatories, as yet. And I’m in the middle of lots of projects, none of which… Read more »

The Midsummer Night’s Behemoth

LibriVox loves Shakespeare, but getting his plays recorded has always been a very major undertaking. We have now only four completed as collaborative works, and one recorded as a solo. A fair number more are underway, but the task of cat-herding all the parts and bits and files and readers and pronunciations is unlike any… Read more »

James Henry and the Echo

As part of the LibriVox London get-together this weekend, we sauntered along to Greenwich, to record in the foot tunnel which runs under the Thames. We hadn’t planned it in advance, and simply took along a giant book of poetry to dip into. My dips were pretty random, but I’m most happy with how one… Read more »

Paradise Lost – found, slightly wrinkled!

Now available for your listening pleasure, 9hrs 41min of glorious Milton.  Oh, this HAS been a long time coming.  At the beginning of January, I posted that I’d snapped up the last section — unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be quite true, since another chapter was part-read, but then had to be orphanned.  Still,… Read more »

Spenser’s Prothalamion

I really hope the audio below works, because it’s been so long since I recorded this poem, that I can’t actually remember how it goes. Something about a river, and some nymphs? Checking back in the thread — David and I duetted this last May! If you think our voices go well together, this is Good,… Read more »

Now with added audio

Well, I hope so, anyway.  Installed the thingy, tinkered with the wotsit — let me see if I can summon Rupert for the occasion … [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/shortpoetry_032_librivox/greatlover_brooke_cs_64kb.mp3]

Old and New Year Ditties – Rossetti

A little poetry to celebrate the New Year … but only three people braved the terrors of quirky verse-structure and poetic voice Rossetti-style.  I rather like it, though.  http://librivox.org/old-and-new-year-ditties-by-christina-rossetti/

Christmas Collection – 2007

The Bird’s Christmas Carol linked below just wasn’t enough.  Additions to the Public Domain for this December now include the following three seasonal sillinesses: A Cornish Christmas Play – recorded during a London LV meet, with four people, two rolling pins, a briefcase, a frying pan and no strict adherence to the script (just as its author intended.)… Read more »

Paradise Lost — yes, those Dark Materials

I recently lucked into recording a section of Paradise Lost. I wasn’t planning to get a literature-nerd crush on Milton, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to have to edit “oooooh, cool!” out of the middle of a recording, once I’d finished reading a particular paragraph.  But there’s a lot of unaccountable events in this life,… Read more »