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This has not been much of a year for recording, I am very sad to say. I do have a book fully narrated: dear, feisty Mrs Seacole is just waiting for me to have time to edit her Wonderful Adventures (as a Creole nurse in the Crimea, amongst other things.) And there are some other bits and pieces on the go, including a sequel to Tranquility’s Blaze, which I hope will also be available at Audible soon.

It doesn’t seem to amount to much, though. My time’s been taken up between Matters entirely outside the audio world, and in LibriVox’s site and production tool upgrade.

I have had some fun reviews of the Whispering Wind in the Willows, and am debating doing another (shorter!!) book in that style. Encouragement welcome! I really need to get back into the swing of things. What I’d like more than anything is some more work as Dr. Watson. Although I do fall for the majority of my projects in one way or another, he’s the clear favourite. I have such a warm place in my heart for him and these adventures. The reading is so fascinating at a meta-level, since he’s ‘writing’ the story, and my being able to read it as Narrator really brings that home. There is no story without him (except those which aren’t narrated by him, but let’s pass swiftly over those.) We’d know, or understand, little of Holmes without Watson’s interpretation and so it’s a hugely fun enterprise alround. But my Sherlock’s as busy as I am or more so, and I know other people would like to play with those characters too. Ah well.

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  • This weekend (Nov 15) I apparently let Gesine Kernchen and Krista Ball know that Tranquility’s Grief had been released on Audible. (i search for your name regularly. I had signed up with Iambic to have them/Gesine notify me, but apparently I beat them to it.) I had a long drive Friday and Saturday and am almost through the book. I already left 5 star reviews on Amazon for the book (plugging your recording) and Audible for your recording. Listening to your reading of this book was pure enjoyment. I enjoyed your reading just as much as ever, and enjoyed the book more than the first. I felt much more comfortable with the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed their evolution. As much as I begged for more (read by you) on Krista Ball’s website she made it clear by email she wasn’t likely to get to another in the series for a year. She tried to placate me with another of her books by another reader. Hasn’t she listened to your reading of this book??? A lot of books will pass the time, but this audiobook was perfect to me. Thanks!

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