New audiobook: Wings and the Child by E. Nesbit

Yes, I am very fond indeed of Ms. Nesbit, and was happy to find this non-fiction account of the building of a small-scale Magic City using whatever’s already available at home, in best Blue Peter style. There are some lovely photographs in the Gutenberg text, to illustrate her various structures.

She also goes further, to talk about the importance of raising a child with an active, healthy imagination and how best to encourage that. Her views on England being at the centre of the known universe are a little dated, as is some of her language about countries and races / cultures not her own, but I think her basic approach stands very well still. Her attack on school class sizes could be from the Letters Page of one of today’s newspapers.

This is available for free in audiobook form via LibriVox, or to read (and look at the pictures) at Gutenberg. Great fun to narrate, and I hope you enjoy it as much!

[audio:] (10:57)

Many thanks to Charlotte for prooflistening and Barry for cataloguing!

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