Iambik’s second birthday & competition

You’ll have seen me posting about Iambik Audio before; a commercial venture with a range of audiobooks, particularly specialising in smaller-press books.

It’s their second birthday this month, and they’re giving away a free collection to the winner of a random drawing happening at the end of the month. You can find out more info (and a listing of the choice of goodies available) here: Iambik birthday announcement Note that you need to enter through the widgetty thing to be counted properly! You also get three entries for reviewing a book, as compared to a single entry for tweeting or FBing. Which I think means up to 14 entries, if you’re really determined to boost your chances.

My books are in Literary Collection 1 and the Romance Collection, if you want to either aim or avoid 😉

Good Luck! Happy Listening!


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