New audiobook: Reversing Over Liberace

My second romance this year, and this is just a wonderful book.

Willow is a under-employed journalist, living a relatively sedate life in the house her hippy parents left her, trying not to strangle her quirky siblings, hanging out with her best friends — and strictly no romance. Willow has a little problem, you see … (or at least you will hear, if you listen to the first chapter below.)

The book is set in York, and you will be relieved to learn that I do not perpetrate any kind of accent tomfoolery upon it, other than my usual southern Estuary lilt, which can’t really be helped. The heroine is entirely modern, so be prepared for strong language. There are some saucy scenes but they’re not hair-straighteningly explicit and didn’t make me blush while recording, so I’m sure you’ll be fine when listening too. It runs to 8hrs 38min. I’m 95% sure I pronounced the word ‘scones’ correctly, but if you hear of my having a terrible exsanguinatory accident — you’ll know I didn’t. And that it was no accident.

You can buy it here at Iambik and enter the code “september-nights” at checkout for 20% off (is $6.99, so that’ll get you it for $5.59USD or £3.55 if you’re a Brit and the exchange rates don’t go crazy between now and time of purchasing.) It will probably be available through Audible eventually, if you’d rather do it there — and if you’re an audiobook reviewer, book blogger, or Iambik ambassador, email Miette for review copies of any Iambik title, including this one.

Listen to the whole of Chapter 1: (16:07)



  • I’m so relieved no scones were harmed in making this book possible. And envious my colleague got to narrate a book from such an amusing author!

  • Cori, I’ve only just found my way here! How shocking! But I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the wonderful job you’ve made of reading ‘Liberace’.. and a million thanks for getting the ‘scones’ thing right! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. x

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