Fire and Ice by Robert Frost – dance & music mix

Every now and again I search YouTube to see what people are doing with LibriVox files or saying about the site. And found a really lovely video – this is a dance to a remix of Robert Frost’s poem Fire and Ice. You can hear my read along with lots of other LibriVoxers (it was a Poem of the Week, so remixers have lots of versions to choose from.)

From the Youtube description:

Cera Byer, the visionary behind Damage Control Dance Theatre and Shoebox Studio, dances to “Fire and Ice” from Manko Eponymous’ 2008 cd “Kaihealoha.” Original poem by Robert Frost, performed by volunteers.

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  • So glad you liked it, and thanks for the vocals! The piece was originally composed for my late sweetie Kaihea to firedance to at the 2007 Virgin Festival right before The Police went on. Hopefully someday I’ll find some quality video of her firedancing to it and upload that as well. Meanwhile, it’s quite an honor to have my friend, guru and heroine Cera improv-ing to it in Shoebox Studio.

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