LibriVox catalogues its 2,500th work!

It doesn’t seem like a moment since I was making an excited post (and podcast) about reaching its 2K book … and now here we are seven months and 500 more completed projects on from there. The numbers aren’t quite so notable once one hits four figures; the next biggie will be 5K, but at the current rate of production and assuming modest but steady growth, that’s likely to be late summer 2011, not so far away at all.

Of those 2,500, 359 are in languages other than English (14%). In fact, there are 24 other languages represented by at least one entire work … not to mention LOTS MORE languages which are held within ‘multi-lingual’ collections.

Contributing to those recordings have been 2,816 individuals, who didn’t think that this was too crazy an idea, and went for it with a microphone — and an uncounted number more who supported the readers with organisation, proof-listening, help with summaries and cover art and simple cheering-on.

I’m happy to be part of such a great project and love working with so many wonderful people from around the world … and if by some crazy chance you haven’t yet visited the catalogue, then may I present:

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