So, I read this story for the Sci-Fi Collection ages ago, and then it sat on my computer in an unedited state while I worked on other things. And in the end I got a round tuit … and decided that it really wasn’t science fiction at all, and might fit better as a general fantasy story in the Short Story Collection. It contains one of my splendidly bad attempts at a cod-Californian accent (don’t tell me how bad it is, it was just for fun!) and is a tres random story, all in all.

[audio:] (14:33)

It was catalogued today, and also in that collection is a group reading of a very silly Dickens story, The Lamplighter which I joined in with. I have yet to listen to how it came out — it was recorded on a handheld recording device, sitting in a chilly pub garden in London with some far-flung visiting LibriVoxers and a persistant blackbird. Very good company. 🙂

[audio:] (38:34)

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  1. Mu

    I love the accent. It works really well.

    And it’s impossible to make ‘ya dig?’ sound good at any time other than a brief window between ’67-’69.

    This story made me giggle.

    Thank you!

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