6 not-so random things about me

I was tagged by LibriVox ductapeguy, Sean McGaughey, and while I’ve done my time as Meme-Servant and moved on … I thought I could spin this one on-theme, so … here goes. * The most common background noise you may hear in my recordings is that of seagulls — their piercing shrieks go straight through… Read more »

Paradise, both words and music

Euterpe Archipelago* have been putting their pick of public domain recordings to music for a while now, and my voice has popped up there now and again. Just stumbled across one that’s new-to-me … it’s an excerpt from Paradise Lost, with original music. Paradise 101 * Alternative site, with other tracks.

En français and podcast, Cthulu-style

I’ve spoken a bit of French, Latin and German within mainly English chapters, but my first beginning-to-end recording in a language other than English has just been released to the LibriVox catalogue, in Alphonse Allais’ À se tordre. I confess it’s only a *part* of the chapter, since the piece is a mini-play with four… Read more »