Paradise Lost – found, slightly wrinkled!

Now available for your listening pleasure, 9hrs 41min of glorious Milton.  Oh, this HAS been a long time coming.  At the beginning of January, I posted that I’d snapped up the last section — unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be quite true, since another chapter was part-read, but then had to be orphanned.  Still, it’s done now, and you can find me in the second half of Book Two and Book Four.

Book Two: [audio:] (29:17)

Book Four: [audio:] (29:58)

I confess I don’t actually listen to that many audiobooks, but I am going to have to queue this one up, I can see.  The bits I recorded were just *so* much fun.

Also just into the catalogue, but really not in the Paradise Lost league by, oh, several thousand lines, the little poem I recorded the other week to try and get back into the swing of things after the long voice-savaging cold.  Wrinkles, by Walter Savage Landor is short and lovely.  All the authorly SLs are fine by me, so it was nice to put something of his into audio.

[audio:] (1:11)

I can’t say as it really helped with the recording side of things; I’m still feeling incomprehensibly stymied.  Probably just a phase…

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