50 hours and counting …

I updated my Hear Me page and associated spreadsheet today and can proudly announce —  I have reached 50 hours of recorded contributions to the public domain!  50 hours and 16 mins, to be precise, (which I need to be with all that Pi in there.)

Think I might start counting the podcasts, too … okay, they don’t have that much of my voice in them, but it’s still audio I’m slaving over, and (incredibly) they do take longer than my own recordings.

Talking of podcasts, here’s my seventh: with super toe-tapping music this week, and an interview with the LibriVox “voice of Mark Twain”, John Greenman.  Not that I DID the interview, I commissioned it.  It’s called Delegation, you know.  *wink*



  • 50 hours is a fabulous contribution! And the effort involved is a LOT more than 50 hours. You have a terrific voice, and I I hope you’ll keep up the great work.

  • Ack, yes, let’s not count the 1:7 ratio which is my average production time … nor the number of recordings I’ve binned and redone … nor the amount of time I spend in the forums when procrastinating recordings …

    *grins* It’s quite the addiction.

  • I totally believe the 1 to 7 ratio! And I’m about to re-record half of Leviticus because the microphone placement was lousy.

    An exciting thing about recording is that your voice has a very significant opportunity to be around and enjoyed for a long time. Not two or three years, but for a century or even millenia. This is a comparatively new opportunity in the scale of human progress.

    If your Paradise Lost recordings are still here in 1,000 years, the ratio of time in existence to the combined length of your books two and four is 8,876,719 to 1.

    The numbers are very much in your favour! And thanks again for the tremendous effort.

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