Obviously not so boring I won’t blog about it. But, in common with all my podcasts, there’s more of other people’s voices than my own, so it’s prolly not that bad. And I edited out all the more alarming noises that are consequent on my having a low-level sniffle. Somehow, despite being thrown together on a shoestring and a number of begging letters — it’s longer than last week’s.


I can’t imagine anyone’ll listen to it, though, not with Stephen Fry entering the podcasting fray just yesterday. Well, his are podgrams, of course. I’m just listening to him now. LibriWhat … ?


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  1. hugh

    twas wonderful (except the part w me).

  2. zaxy

    thank you so much for putting up the link to stephen fry!! You’re my hero!!!!

    i’m going to dnld YOUR podcast, too- no worries! ;D

    see ya on lv…

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