United States Bill of Rights


Now, this was an odd thing to read.  I don’t think I’ve ever recorded something so thoroughly studied by other folks.  It was very interesting to read the actual words and none of the arguments/disputes/definitions/redefinitions, for once.

It’s less than 4 minutes, and I’m sure there’s an entertaining discussion to be had about which of us readers has an accent most like that of its primary author, James Madison.


  • I must say that your reading of the chapter form Freud’s Dream Psychology was unacceptable. You sounded like a boy forced to read aloud while his mind wandered off. You consistently mispronounce words, take long, exhausted breaths (why read if the task is so odious?) and place emphasis on the wrong parts of the sentence. Did you not even bother to edit your recording? Did you even put any effort into the fluidity of your reading?

  • I’m sorry to hear you were pained, Roman, you’d be very welcome to rerecord and submit your own version? Just head over to librivox.org and mention you’d like to start a new version of this project … all contributions to the public domain are much appreciated.

  • Cori,

    I think you have a very charming voice. I was wondering if you might be interested in helping with an audio e-zine I have. Not trying to spam your blog, so if you’re interested feel free to contact me via email and I can point you to my website.


    Johnny C.

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