Nine Unlikely Tales – E. Nesbit … ready for listening!

Hooray — finally, is behaving itself again, and my next solo is complete. Nine Unlikely Tales for Children by E. Nesbit is a 1901 book I found in the library a while back … and there isn’t an online version of the text, so I thought it would be jolly to scoop a reading of it.  Nesbit is a pure joy to read aloud: the stories go along at a great pace for the kids, and there’re enough nods to an adult sense of humour to make an entertaining listen no matter how old one is.  Now, that said, folks have to cope with me Doing Voices, which isn’t to everyone’s liking.  But, I don’t believe in fairy tales without them, just wouldn’t seem quite right in my listening world.  And how, exactly, would YOU voice a bouncible ball, anyway..?

Zip file of the entire book (145 MB)

Total running time: 5:01:57

Hope everyone enjoys them — Comments welcome!

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