Archive woes

Frustratingly, is all over the place at the moment, and is not accepting new uploads as easily as it used to. Which means I have a heap of recordings just sitting around waiting for things to straighten up. I’ve finished my latest solo (E. Nesbit’s Nine Unlikely Tales – quirky fairy stories), and have contributed some poetry to Weekly / Fortnightly collections which are also waiting. I seized upon the last section of Paradise Lost and it is recorded, but I’ve not found the momentum to edit it yet, since even though that would complete the book … the upload’s in limbo. The Mystery Story Collection, which homes my favourite self-recording to date, is also goin’ nowhere right now. It’s all so annoying. I know’s free and performing a great service and all that … but I Want It To Work Now.

The one thing that HAS improved there in the last few days, and which had been broken for weeks, is the download counters. Currently, for my solos, Austen’s had 2,336 downloads, Stein is sitting pretty on 816 and Kingsley is at 3,618. Jane Eyre, to whom I contributed a single chapter (but the one where she meets Rochester!) is rapidly approaching the quarter-million mark, today it’s at 247,927 downloads and is LibriVox’s top book. Cool, cool.


  • Looking forward to that last section of Paradise Lost. I am only just discovering Milton, and now that I have a new (hand me down from my wife) iPod, I am anxious to hear it. Thanks for volunteering!

  • It’s done, C.B. … and is behaving better now, so the completed project should be appearing fairly soon.

  • Thanks much! I have been moving slowly though the epic, and am looking forward to hearing the temptation in the garden. I am going to listen tonight.

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