Christmas Collection – 2007

The Bird’s Christmas Carol linked below just wasn’t enough.  Additions to the Public Domain for this December now include the following three seasonal sillinesses:

A Cornish Christmas Play – recorded during a London LV meet, with four people, two rolling pins, a briefcase, a frying pan and no strict adherence to the script (just as its author intended.) (2.7MB)

The Conscience Pudding by E. Nesbit – I found this as a standalone book in the library, but actually it turned out to be the second chapter of a full-length book (in progress as a solo recording by another Librivoxer.)  I thought it was too much fun not to put into this collection, not many other Chrimbo stories will include the wisdom which ends: “If this simple rule was followed there would not be so many wars and martyrs and law suits and inquisitions and bloody deaths at the stake.” (16.5MB)

To An Old Fogey (Who Contends that Christmas is Played Out) by Owen Seaman – Owen is an old friend of mine, back from when he used to edit Punch.  When I saw that there was just one space left in this collection, and only a few hours to the closing date … well … it’s seasonal poetry time.  Especially poems that start “O frankly bald and obviously stout!” (1.1MB)

And with these three, this brings my LibriVox contribution total to 200 recordings … about forty hours.  Bring on the holiday time-off and New Year!

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