Microwave your head with an audiobook

“There are tens of thousands of audiobooks available in the world, in various languages, ranging all the way from education to entertainment.”


One thousand of those books are, of course, by LibriVox. In a kind acknowledgement of that, when demonstrating beta software, Nokia have converted a few LV books to play as minature-size audio files on some of their mobile phones. Splendidly, when they were choosing five out of our wide range — they included Freud’s Dream Psychology, which I contributed a chapter to.

With regard to the freeness: our books are all free, the compression format is an open standard, and the converting software is freeware. Plus a chap from Nokia took the time to sign up to the LV forum to assure us of the latter, which gets them added Nice People points, too.

I don’t have a mobile myself, and obviously I can’t condone people irradiating their head just to listen to me, (though I will be flattered,) but I’m sure with some kind of hands-free equipment, and an adequate shielding of tin-foil, owners of various mobile devices can benefit safely. Enjoy!

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