Hear me – lots!

Just finished making a static page which lists and links all of my recordings so far. Since I’ve completed 179, this has taken a while. Still, it’s a good list. And hopefully keeping it current won’t be too complicated, since a fair bit of what I record now, I am also organising behind the scenes (BCing or MCing in LV terms), so I’ll know exactly when it goes into the catalogue.


After a bit of tinkering with a spreadsheet, I can say that this represents 35 hrs 46 mins of audio. Not counting podcasts, King Lear or Life in the Clearings, since I didn’t actually talk for very much of those (and it’s probably balanced by including all of the group readings – The Monkey’s Paw and Many Voices.) It also doesn’t count recordings completed but not yet catalogued, which will take me over 40 hours.

My longest single recording is 49 mins, the shortest 40secs (hardly time to get the disclaimer out! Hoorah poetry!) Longest work is The Water-babies, at just over 7 hrs.


  • I just wanted to say Thank You so much for sharing your beautiful gift of reading with the world. I have listened to many audiobooks over the years and I think yours is by far one of the best listens ever. My young children and I have listened to Water Babies over and over again to their great delight.
    Again, Thank You so much and keep up the good work.

  • I love your reading of the water babies. when i ever i feel ill or cant sleep i listen to it as your voice is so beautiful and calming. Thank you x

    1. Thankyou ever so much, Christine and Natalie, it’s lovely to hear from you both. 🙂 I really appreciate your feedback, and wish you both all the best.

  • Cori your voice reading the books on librivox is truly one of my favorite things in life, thank you so much!

  • Cori, I have just finished listening to The Water-Babies. How lovely! You have the perfect voice for stories, I will seek out the other ones you have done. Please keep reading for us! I have a very boring job that has me sitting at a bench all day and discovering Librivox to put on my iPod has been a godsend. I look forward to putting on a wonderous tale to make my day an adventure.
    Thank you so, so much,

  • You did a marvelous job on ‘Inferno’. I loved the older English of this translation, and by the way it rolled off your tongue, you’d swear you had spoken it from the cradle. I love as I said, older, eloquent, English. Accents and idioms. I live in the mountains of Wicklow, Ireland. Sometimes I’d hear older people using arcane words and phrases – colourful things you just don’t get to-day. Anyway, your soft velvety tone, and excellent diction – made this most agreeable!

  • Cori,

    Your beautiful readings bring a calm to my soul. Few things in this world bring peace and serenity to my world the way that your voice does. Truly angelic. Thank you so much for your contributions, and all the best to you and your family.

    With great admiration,


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