Timing is everything – LV1K or not

So, my second ever podcast is out, making the LibriVox community chortle:

(16.2MB, 33:41)

Probably not so exciting to non-LV listeners, since this one is celebrating approaching 1000 titles in the Librivox catalogue. When I got dibs on the date for this podcast, a few weeks ago, I thought we’d easily hit the nice round number, but no, we’re still 11 off. Gah, frankly. Still, it’s got some great contributions, and — out of 34 mins of audio, less than 4 mins of that is me. I don’t know how that happened, I thought I recorded quite a bit. It also amazes me how long it can take to do a simple bit of copy&paste … this represents about 6hrs work, and that’s actual editing — there was another hour of planning, at least that of organising, and then there’s the time of the recording voices too … hope it sounds good for all that!

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