Ah, lovely Gertrude Stein!

From Bartleby.com:

By departing from conventional meaning, grammar and syntax, she attempted to capture “moments of consciousness,” independent of time and memory.

Or to put it another way, in Stein’s own words:

A steady cake, any steady cake is perfect and not plain, any steady cake has a mounting reason and more than that it has singular crusts. A season of more is a season that is instead. A season of many is not more a season than most.

It’s my cake day.  I’m hoping my present to the world is going to be catalogued in time.  It’s being proof-listened against the clock right now …


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  1. Mark

    Dear Cori Samuel,

    Just a word of thanks to you for reading Tender Buttons; you do it very well indeed! I have placed a link to your reading of it–I hope you don’t mind–to a discussion of “Nothing Elegant” at my own web-log:



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