Bread Overhead: the first of many …

Sometimes, things just get a bit out of hand.  When a little sci-fi story by Fritz Leiber wasn’t renewed as per US copyright requirements, who knew that 49 years later, people around the world would leap upon it to record for audio posterity.

My version is first into the catalogue, thanks to the editing of Mandarine.  (Here, 17MB, 35mins)

Kaffen has recorded it too, and submitted it to a newly created sci-fi short story collection.  Thistlechick has ALSO recorded it, and once she’s edited, I guess perhaps she’ll pop it into a Short story collection. 

It *is* a good story.  I’m not sure if it warranted three recordings, but then, who knows why LibriVox has a full-cast dramatic reading of Richard II completed, but not Macbeth, Hamlet or Midsummer Night’s Dream.  These texts seem to have a will of their own, sometimes.

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