The nitty-gritty of how I record

I just responded in the LibriVox fora to a general question about “how does everyone record and edit?” — and thought that it might be good to put that detail here, as well as some info about my technical set-up. There’s a lot to say, it turns out! For reference, I only record my voice… Read more »

Twistr – a little tongue warm-up tool

I’ve been unable to record for more than a week, while a perfectly average-looking cold took out the best part of my voice and left me with an depressingly-unsultry growl. So, I’ve been grumping around the house being largely unproductive. A shining exception to this was putting together a web page to pop up tongue… Read more »

E. Nesbit’s memoir – recorded and ready for listening!

Attention all fans of E. Nesbit – I’ve just finished my latest LibriVox solo, and it’s her mini autobiography My School Days. It’s very short, just a bit over two hours, and as she writes towards the end, covers only a few incidents from an astonishingly clearly-remembered childhood. Places that she lived, games that she… Read more »

Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body

LibriVox has completed an unabridged recording of Henry Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body. It’ll take the keen student anatomist a little over 66 hours to go through once — and it only had one proof-listener through all five parts of the project, so there is at least one person in the world who’s done… Read more »

On the absence of ratings at LibriVox

There’ve been a few comments on an earlier post here, wishing that LibriVox would add a ratings system to its catalogue, so I thought I’d respond to them (and others, posted over time in the LibriVox forum). Firstly, it’s TRUE that there are some few recordings that are problematic for various reasons. Some have content… Read more »

Unshaggy Dog Stories

It’s been a while, but I’ve got a new entry in the LibriVox catalogue besides short poetry readings. The History of Pompey the Little by Francis Coventry is a collaboratively-read canine saga, with a parade of interesting characters and wide range of social situations. I contributed three chapters and it seemed like the Dog Hero… Read more »

A LibriVox Wiffiti thing

Just found a funky Flash gadget which pulls Tweets on my chosen topics of “LibriVox”, “public domain” and “free audio” together into a nice dooflip. Would be awesome at conferences, where everyone’s got a hashtag in common! Visit to make your own!

On cataloging invisible things …

I’ve been kicking around thoughts on how best to organise the LibriVox catalogue in the future, especially when the new design is implemented. LibriVox is a collection of people who speak many languages, and who record public domain audiobooks in most of them. Currently, we organise by Category (out of Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction, Dramatic Works… Read more »

A bit of LibriVox fundraising

So, LibriVox has been running for over four years, on a budget of $0 … everyone at LibriVox is a volunteer, reading, listening and supporting audiobook production for free, because they think it’s fun in some way. Behind the scenes, all the costs have been taken care of by a few individuals, along with some… Read more »