10k download milestone passed!

The Water-babies by Charles Kingsley has had, according to the archive.org ticker, 10,148 downloads! Hoorah! Now, admittedly, their counter has good days and bad weeks, and it also counts any file as a download … so that could be 600 people downloading all 17 files separately, or it could be 10,000 people downloading the zip… Read more »

Dead Men Tell No Tales …

… though live women have been known to. http://librivox.org/dead-men-tell-no-tales-by-ernest-william-hornung/ Chapter One is mine, and no, I don’t know what happens next, but I look forward to finding out! It’s a mystery story, I know that much … and any story that starts at sea is starting well in my book. [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/dead_men_tell_no_tales_0804_librivox/deadmentellnotales_01_hornung_64kb.mp3]

Decline and Fall, Vol. 4 – now available

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. IV by Edward Gibbon … my sections were #17 and #18. It’s beginning to blur into a bit of a Gibbony mass, now, so I confess I don’t remember what these were all about. But I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve recorded of his so… Read more »

Paradise Lost – found, slightly wrinkled!

Now available for your listening pleasure, 9hrs 41min of glorious Milton.  Oh, this HAS been a long time coming.  At the beginning of January, I posted that I’d snapped up the last section — unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be quite true, since another chapter was part-read, but then had to be orphanned.  Still,… Read more »

Outing my inner math geek …

My first recording in weeks … and is it the Gibbon I owe..?  No.  A bit of J.S. Mill..?  Nope.  More Elegaic Sonnets..?  Unfortunately not. It’s the first fifty digits of pi, read in a single breath (for one file) and in the World’s Most Awful Pirate “Accent” (separate file, and you’ll have to look… Read more »

Mary Shelley’s Mathilda

My latest solo work is finished.  I post-processed Mathilda, by Mary Shelley, for Project Gutenberg (that is, smoothed the proofread pages into a single document, both plaintext and HTML) so was very familiar with it (and with Mary’s quirky spelling which I tried to keep intact in the final work.)  I actually started reading this about… Read more »

The Little Duke by Charlotte M. Yonge

I saw this project get started, and was muchly excited … Yonge was a very popular author in her day, but I’ve never read any, and ought to remedy that. After hovering politely for a couple of days, I pounced happily on Chapter 1. Now it’s all finished, and I can download to listen to… Read more »

Spenser’s Prothalamion

I really hope the audio below works, because it’s been so long since I recorded this poem, that I can’t actually remember how it goes. Something about a river, and some nymphs? Checking back in the thread — David and I duetted this last May! If you think our voices go well together, this is Good,… Read more »

Now with added audio

Well, I hope so, anyway.  Installed the thingy, tinkered with the wotsit — let me see if I can summon Rupert for the occasion … [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/shortpoetry_032_librivox/greatlover_brooke_cs_64kb.mp3]

United States Bill of Rights

http://librivox.org/us-bill-of-rights-by-james-madison/ Now, this was an odd thing to read.  I don’t think I’ve ever recorded something so thoroughly studied by other folks.  It was very interesting to read the actual words and none of the arguments/disputes/definitions/redefinitions, for once. It’s less than 4 minutes, and I’m sure there’s an entertaining discussion to be had about which of… Read more »