January’s offerings: Nesbit, Doyle, Stein and Lawrence

It’s like buses, there are no projects for months (though I’m as busy as ever) and then several come along at once. Such a range of options, too. Closest to my heart is Dr. Watson’s second outing in The Sign of the Four. It’s another dramatic reading, where I read all the narration and the… Read more »

Dr. Watson, I presume

So yes, The Hound of the Baskervilles has been tracked down and identified by the ever-alert Sherlock Holmes with a substantial amount of help from Yours Truly as Dr. Watson, and is available as a full cast recording by clicking to the LibriVox page via the CD cover pictured here. I found playing Dr. Watson… Read more »

A Poem in Praise of Bees

My latest addition to the LibriVox catalogue (recorded a couple of months ago, but the collection took a while to be completed) — A More Ancient Mariner by Bliss Carman. It’s a sweet poem about the buccaneering ways of the honeybee, and it goes along with a lovely swinging rhyme. The general mood matches the… Read more »

More D.H. Lawrence poetry: Malade and One Woman to All Women

I do like D. H. Lawrence’s poetry. It’s mostly well-written, thoughtful stuff, without (too often) being stuffy, pompous or boring. So, last month I recorded a couple for the LibriVox Short Poetry Collection. Malade is a sickbed poem, straightforward and elegant. [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/short_poetry_083_librivox_0911/malade_lawrence_cs.mp3] (1:43min) One Woman to All Women is harder for me to get my… Read more »

Kipling’s Explanation and a Navajo Liturgy

Yes, I have indeed been at the poetry this month … another two pieces of mine have just hit the catalogue. Rudyard Kipling’s The Explanation was last week’s LibriVox Weekly Poetry, and saw quite a good turnout – I’m one of 16 people who recorded it. A simple little poem, it was something quick to… Read more »

October recordings

This month, I have catalogued a book, some collaborative contributions, and — finally, more pirates! I’ve been working on my solo recording of Anna Sewell’s “Autobiography of a Horse”, Black Beauty, all summer, as its short chapters and positive attitude were a pleasant change from the intense modern non-fiction book I was recording for Audible… Read more »

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost – dance & music mix

Every now and again I search YouTube to see what people are doing with LibriVox files or saying about the site. And found a really lovely video – this is a dance to a remix of Robert Frost’s poem Fire and Ice. You can hear my read along with lots of other LibriVoxers (it was… Read more »

Talking History – Julia Ward Howe

I’ve just found that a poem I recorded a long time ago, by Julia Ward Howe, has been used as part of a history podcast. The segment starts off with a lovely combined voice recording of her Mother’s Day Proclamation, and then continues with my own recording of her inspired Mother Mind. The show was… Read more »

Elegiac Sonnets by Charlotte Turner Smith

Charlotte wrote these poems while in debtors’ prison with her husband … luckily, the collection was successfully published, which allowed her to pay for their release. David and I alternate on these readings … which took a bit over a year to finish (that’s my fault entirely; I procrastinate too much.) They didn’t deserve that… Read more »

Paradise, both words and music

Euterpe Archipelago* have been putting their pick of public domain recordings to music for a while now, and my voice has popped up there now and again. Just stumbled across one that’s new-to-me … it’s an excerpt from Paradise Lost, with original music. Paradise 101 * Alternative site, with other tracks.