JS Mill – The Subjection of Women

It’s been quiet on the cataloguing front in the last few weeks … I eased back on the editing I was doing, having acquired (happily-intermittant!) tendinitis in my mousing arm, which is little better with a trackball and heaps of anti-inflamatories, as yet. And I’m in the middle of lots of projects, none of which… Read more »

The Midsummer Night’s Behemoth

LibriVox loves Shakespeare, but getting his plays recorded has always been a very major undertaking. We have now only four completed as collaborative works, and one recorded as a solo. A fair number more are underway, but the task of cat-herding all the parts and bits and files and readers and pronunciations is unlike any… Read more »

Strange Recordings from Family Papers

A bunch of us LibriVoxers have been meeting periodically in London to record various works together, and the longest running of those has recently been catalogued. 17 chapters of recycled British folklore and gossip from the very dear T.F. Thistleton-Dyer have been amusing, bemusing and plain boring a dozen of us for a year now… Read more »

10k download milestone passed!

The Water-babies by Charles Kingsley has had, according to the archive.org ticker, 10,148 downloads! Hoorah! Now, admittedly, their counter has good days and bad weeks, and it also counts any file as a download … so that could be 600 people downloading all 17 files separately, or it could be 10,000 people downloading the zip… Read more »

A tentative stab at “Is listening reading?”

This week’s community podcast is themed from the forum thread for “One book a week in 2008”. (I’ve only read 12 so far — I think I’m behind?) There was a bit of discussion there about whether listening to a book was the same as reading it. Of course, it comes down to definitions. If… Read more »

Just Another Weekly Podcast

I went absolutely nuts in this week’s comunity podcast and talked for at least 3 minutes! And sang (for about 10 seconds in total, fear not.) Plus I also used the 148yr old voice recording that’s been doing the rounds this week, and commissioned a great interview — chocoholic talking to ExEmGe (LibriVox’s ‘golden voice’.)… Read more »

50 hours and counting …

I updated my Hear Me page and associated spreadsheet today and can proudly announce —  I have reached 50 hours of recorded contributions to the public domain!  50 hours and 16 mins, to be precise, (which I need to be with all that Pi in there.) Think I might start counting the podcasts, too …… Read more »

LV stands for LurVe …

My editions of the LibriVox Community Podcast are getting shorter. This week’s is 11min, 11secs, and I didn’t even do that deliberately. That’s just how it came out once I’d slapped a bit of Tchaichovsky’s Romeo & Juliet around a bunch of great contributions from kind volunteers and people I mugged as they wandered through… Read more »

Miscellaneous advertising podcast

So, when I said, never again, not that LibriVox community podcast, for lo, it doth take bloomin’ hours to put together … I guess I meant, never again for at least three months. This week’s LV podcast is a wonder of brevity, being under 14 minutes long … somehow into that time I’ve fitted twelve… Read more »

United States Bill of Rights

http://librivox.org/us-bill-of-rights-by-james-madison/ Now, this was an odd thing to read.  I don’t think I’ve ever recorded something so thoroughly studied by other folks.  It was very interesting to read the actual words and none of the arguments/disputes/definitions/redefinitions, for once. It’s less than 4 minutes, and I’m sure there’s an entertaining discussion to be had about which of… Read more »