Life in books: 2013

Borrowing a wonderful meme from Catherine, and struggling a little because I’ve not read all that much this year … The rules: Using only books you have read this year, answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. Describe yourself: Our Little English Cousin (by Blanche McManus) How do you feel: The Comfort… Read more »

Random update

This has not been much of a year for recording, I am very sad to say. I do have a book fully narrated: dear, feisty Mrs Seacole is just waiting for me to have time to edit her Wonderful Adventures (as a Creole nurse in the Crimea, amongst other things.) And there are some other… Read more »

Whispering Willows

I have awfully random ideas from time to time. Last October I was grabbed by a particularly odd one. I’d been having a little trouble sleeping and so went searching for solutions. Amongst well-meaning lectures about not drinking caffeine after noon (no, really?!) and advice about room lighting levels were some fascinating YouTube relaxation videos…. Read more »

January’s offerings: Nesbit, Doyle, Stein and Lawrence

It’s like buses, there are no projects for months (though I’m as busy as ever) and then several come along at once. Such a range of options, too. Closest to my heart is Dr. Watson’s second outing in The Sign of the Four. It’s another dramatic reading, where I read all the narration and the… Read more »