Unshaggy Dog Stories

It’s been a while, but I’ve got a new entry in the LibriVox catalogue besides short poetry readings. The History of Pompey the Little by Francis Coventry is a collaboratively-read canine saga, with a parade of interesting characters and wide range of social situations. I contributed three chapters and it seemed like the Dog Hero… Read more »

A LibriVox Wiffiti thing

Just found a funky Flash gadget which pulls Tweets on my chosen topics of “LibriVox”, “public domain” and “free audio” together into a nice dooflip. Would be awesome at conferences, where everyone’s got a hashtag in common! Visit http://wiffiti.com/ to make your own!

On cataloging invisible things …

I’ve been kicking around thoughts on how best to organise the LibriVox catalogue in the future, especially when the new design is implemented. LibriVox is a collection of people who speak many languages, and who record public domain audiobooks in most of them. Currently, we organise by Category (out of Fiction, Poetry, Non-fiction, Dramatic Works… Read more »