I recorded this short story more than a year ago now … and it took me almost that long to get around to editing it, since in the raw state it was about 70 mins. Now it’s trimmed to a perfect 49 mins 37 seconds and it’s available for general listening.

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There are also some other stories of hers in this collection, although read by a different voice. My story has one of my favourite lines in any literature anywhere:

“The main thing” — his voice sank to an impressive whisper — “is not to infringe the copyright.”

And I don’t believe I did. Rule of Shorter Term, American author, first publishing there.

Download this, and 19 other stories, free at: http://librivox.org/librivox-short-story-collection-vol-37/

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  1. Cori

    It’s a great story! Glaspell is a wonderful author … another of her stories – A Jury of her Peers, remains my favourite recording to date.


  2. zy

    This story is moving and really heartbreaking!

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