Elegiac Sonnets by Charlotte Turner Smith

Charlotte wrote these poems while in debtors’ prison with her husband … luckily, the collection was successfully published, which allowed her to pay for their release. David and I alternate on these readings … which took a bit over a year to finish (that’s my fault entirely; I procrastinate too much.) They didn’t deserve that… Read more »

The Moving Picture Girls – that’s a wrap!

My newest solo has been released at LibriVox. I needed a bit of light relief after the splendidly wordy William Morris, so the Moving Picture Girls by Laura Lee Hope, seemed like a good choice. It’s set in early 20th century New York city, the home of a burgeoning movie industry, and is a very… Read more »

The Eilithia Project by Marjorie Danser (at Audible)

I’ve recently found that my first commercial audiobook recording was released at audible.co.uk in late November — I finished production at the start of November, and was puzzling over what was taking it so long to be made public. Anyway, Hooray!! It does include the most epic misspelling of my name to date, but hopefully… Read more »