Now with added audio

Well, I hope so, anyway.¬† Installed the thingy, tinkered with the wotsit¬†— let me see if I can summon Rupert for the occasion … [audio:]

Fairly boring LV podcast

Obviously not so boring I won’t blog about it. But, in common with all my podcasts, there’s more of other people’s voices than my own, so it’s prolly not that bad. And I edited out all the more alarming noises that are consequent on my having a low-level sniffle. Somehow, despite being thrown together on… Read more »

LV stands for LurVe …

My editions of the LibriVox Community Podcast are getting shorter. This week’s is 11min, 11secs, and I didn’t even do that deliberately. That’s just how it came out once I’d slapped a bit of Tchaichovsky’s Romeo & Juliet around a bunch of great contributions from kind volunteers and people I mugged as they wandered through… Read more »

Miscellaneous advertising podcast

So, when I said, never again, not that LibriVox community podcast, for lo, it doth take bloomin’ hours to put together … I guess I meant, never again for at least three months. This week’s LV podcast is a wonder of brevity, being under 14 minutes long … somehow into that time I’ve fitted twelve… Read more »