United States Bill of Rights

http://librivox.org/us-bill-of-rights-by-james-madison/ Now, this was an odd thing to read.  I don’t think I’ve ever recorded something so thoroughly studied by other folks.  It was very interesting to read the actual words and none of the arguments/disputes/definitions/redefinitions, for once. It’s less than 4 minutes, and I’m sure there’s an entertaining discussion to be had about which of… Read more »

Old and New Year Ditties – Rossetti

A little poetry to celebrate the New Year … but only three people braved the terrors of quirky verse-structure and poetic voice Rossetti-style.  I rather like it, though.  http://librivox.org/old-and-new-year-ditties-by-christina-rossetti/

English History, Dickens-style

Ah, it’s lovely to have archive.org behaving again … all sorts of long-ago recordings of mine are finding their way home, finally.  Like my contribution to A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens … I read the chapters England Under Richard the Second and England Under Henry the Fourth, Called Bolingbroke last June.  Most of… Read more »

Audio: A Jury of her Peers by Susan Glaspell

So, Mystery Story Collection Vol. 1 is now catalogued, and ready for the world’s listening pleasure, and my contribution to it is the rather long short-story, A Jury of her Peers by Susan Glaspell. It is, apparently, a ‘cosy/cozy’ mystery for those who discriminate, and for those who don’t, I can tell you that the… Read more »

Nine Unlikely Tales – E. Nesbit … ready for listening!

Hooray — finally, archive.org is behaving itself again, and my next solo is complete. Nine Unlikely Tales for Children by E. Nesbit is a 1901 book I found in the library a while back … and there isn’t an online version of the text, so I thought it would be jolly to scoop a reading of it. … Read more »

Archive woes

Frustratingly, archive.org is all over the place at the moment, and is not accepting new uploads as easily as it used to. Which means I have a heap of recordings just sitting around waiting for things to straighten up. I’ve finished my latest solo (E. Nesbit’s Nine Unlikely Tales – quirky fairy stories), and have… Read more »