Thomas Hardy, the poet

I’d never read any of Thomas Hardy’s poetry … it was enough to be forced through an entire novel (FFTMC) during GCSE English, and the bits of prose I’ve dipped into since convinced me to keep my distance.  Thoroughly gloomtastic is our Mr Hardy. But, given the opportunity to actually LOOK at his poetry, I… Read more »

Microwave your head with an audiobook

“There are tens of thousands of audiobooks available in the world, in various languages, ranging all the way from education to entertainment.” One thousand of those books are, of course, by LibriVox. In a kind acknowledgement of that, when demonstrating beta software, Nokia have converted a few LV books to play as minature-size audio… Read more »

Hear me – lots!

Just finished making a static page which lists and links all of my recordings so far. Since I’ve completed 179, this has taken a while. Still, it’s a good list. And hopefully keeping it current won’t be too complicated, since a fair bit of what I record now, I am also organising behind the scenes… Read more »

Beam up an LV community podcast!

This was a very random idea on Saturday morning, just before a very busy day offline commenced.  “Hey, no-one’s gotten dibs on this week’s podcast.  What could I do … hmm … ah, I know: something with crazy sci-fi sound effects.”  By that evening, I had some support for it … by Sunday morning I… Read more »