Industrial Mastery

My main feeling at the Durbar while I watched those splendid beasts–the crowds of camels, the crowds of elephants–all being driven along by the little, faint, dreamy, sleepy-looking people was, “Why don’t their elephants turn around on them and chase them?”I kept thinking at first that they would, almost any minute. Our elephants chase us–most… Read more »

Thank Heaven for little girls!

On one of these occasions, when Johnny [Gillat] was engaged in making peace between two little girls—little girls were his specialty—the rector met him and it was then it occurred to him that Mr. Gillat might help in the school. It was not much of an honour, the school was in rather a bad way… Read more »

Punchy humour

The Charivaria section of the Punch magazine is always good for a little amusement, as it pops out pithy comments and witty one-liners each week, based on news of the week previous (here, 3rd Nov, 1920).  If t’were written now, it would be one of those emails people forward round the office on a Monday… Read more »

… and then there are statistics

Colonel Bellairs looked at him with the suspicion which appears to be the one light shadow that lies across the sunny life of the bore. “I said so half an hour ago,” he remarked severely, “when we were inspecting my new manure tanks, and you said you did not notice it.” “You were right all… Read more »