Dr. Watson, I presume

So yes, The Hound of the Baskervilles has been tracked down and identified by the ever-alert Sherlock Holmes with a substantial amount of help from Yours Truly as Dr. Watson, and is available as a full cast recording by clicking to the LibriVox page via the CD cover pictured here. I found playing Dr. Watson… Read more »

Ira Glass on Storytelling

Yes, this is rather old … the original talk was all over the web earlier this year. But, it resonates for me again now as I work on Frankenstein and can hear that it’s not quite what I want it to be. There’s no obvious Thing To Fix, I couldn’t really say why I don’t… Read more »

Reassurance after a bad-recording day

Some ways I use to feel better about my recordings, when self-doubt sneaks in, or I discover I’ve plain voiced something very badly: I listen to someone miles better than me. For me, this works because my most loved voices are very calming, soothing ones, and really, nothing can be all that wrong in a… Read more »

The nitty-gritty of how I record

I just responded in the LibriVox fora to a general question about “how does everyone record and edit?” — and thought that it might be good to put that detail here, as well as some info about my technical set-up. There’s a lot to say, it turns out! For reference, I only record my voice… Read more »

Twistr – a little tongue warm-up tool

I’ve been unable to record for more than a week, while a perfectly average-looking cold took out the best part of my voice and left me with an depressingly-unsultry growl. So, I’ve been grumping around the house being largely unproductive. A shining exception to this was putting together a web page to pop up tongue… Read more »

October recordings

This month, I have catalogued a book, some collaborative contributions, and — finally, more pirates! I’ve been working on my solo recording of Anna Sewell’s “Autobiography of a Horse”, Black Beauty, all summer, as its short chapters and positive attitude were a pleasant change from the intense modern non-fiction book I was recording for Audible… Read more »

Strange Recordings from Family Papers

A bunch of us LibriVoxers have been meeting periodically in London to record various works together, and the longest running of those has recently been catalogued. 17 chapters of recycled British folklore and gossip from the very dear T.F. Thistleton-Dyer have been amusing, bemusing and plain boring a dozen of us for a year now… Read more »

Mary Shelley’s Mathilda

My latest solo work is finished.  I post-processed Mathilda, by Mary Shelley, for Project Gutenberg (that is, smoothed the proofread pages into a single document, both plaintext and HTML) so was very familiar with it (and with Mary’s quirky spelling which I tried to keep intact in the final work.)  I actually started reading this about… Read more »

Death in Winesburg, Ohio

http://librivox.org/winesburg-ohio-by-sherwood-anderson/ (Chapter 23) Usually, I just read and record the chapter text.  This is the first piece I’ve spent a lot of time with beforehand, thinking about it.  Which, I think, might mean this is on the unfamiliar side of reading vs. performing, one of the common differences between LV audiobooks and other publishers’.  (As mentioned here… Read more »