New audiobook: Around the World in Stilettos

Now, myself, I couldn’t make it across the lounge in stilettos, let alone out of the front door and onward. But the heroine of my newest audiobook, Sophie Farrier, can do exactly that, as travel writer and glamour puss extraordinaire. She loves her job, she loves her shopping (most particularly shoes) and … all she needs is the love of a good man to complete the hat-trick. Unwillingly settling for the friendship of not-such-a-good-man seems to be close as she can get but, well, this is a proper romance, and of course you know Something’ll Happen to remedy the situation.

I started this book several months ago, after beginning Frankenstein, and it took some doing to shift my head from 8ft Tall Creature voice to 23-yr Young Shopaholic voice. In fact, the only way to do it was to buy several pairs of shoes, including a perfectly lovely pair of stilettos. This is how I found out I could barely move in such footwear … but standing around in them was entirely feasible, and put me very much more in the mood of the book. Look, here they are. Admire the shiny!

Shoes worn to inspire 'Around the World in Stilettos' audiobook recording

This is a commercial recording so it’ll eventually be available via Overdrive and Audible, but for now, the only way to hear it is to visit (6hrs 12min, US$6.99.)

If Bridget Jones with a shoe-fetish sounds like your kind of thing, give it a go. Here’s the first chapter (13:58)

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