StarShipSofa story: The End of Oil by Gwyneth Jones

Having done a few round-number celebratory podcasts myself, I’m absolutely chuffed to bits to find myself included in someone else’s. Tony C. Smith’s StarShipSofa is a great podcast, full of short and longer-form science fiction stories and articles. It’s been running a show a week for just over two years, now – this is the 100th episode! It’s a long ‘un … I’m only halfway through listening, but it’s most entertaining.

The story I’ve read, End of Oil, is by Gwyneth Jones, and is a neat little piece of speculative fiction. I’m 98% happy with how it’s turned out; just thinking that I should have left even longer pauses in between the acts. They seemed very long when I was recording and editing!

Listen here (hopefully!)   [audio:] …
(My reading at 14:00, overall it’s 132 mins)

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